Heavy Lift and Rigging


Your choice for safety, efficiency, and reliability

Irving Equipment is the leading provider of crane rental & heavy lifting services in Atlantic Canada. Our extensive equipment fleet includes 100+ cranes with capacities ranging from eight to 770 tons. No matter how large or complex your lifting project, you can count on us to provide a flexible solution that meets your goals, safely and on budget.



Putting safety first!

The heavy lifting and hauling work carried out on your project is only as safe as the rigging is strong. As the largest provider of heavy lifting and specialized transportation services in Atlantic Canada, we have thousands of individual pieces of rigging in our inventory, including a wide range of cantilevered lifting beams, spreader beams, baskets, and more specialty items.  

You can be confident that we deal with only the leading manufacturers and purchase only the best-quality rigging. Every piece is safety certified on a regular basis to ensure the highest safety standards. As well, we maintain a lifetime documented history for each piece, tracking when it was used and what it was used for. This information is stored in an online database accessible around the clock.

Pile Driving

Pile Driving

Flexible solutions you can build on

For over 50 years, Irving Equipment has been providing tailored pile driving & deep foundations solutions for the region's most challenging industrial and infrastructure projects. Our diverse pile driving fleet includes cranes with lift capacities of 27 tons to 440 tons that can be configured to fixed and hanging lead configurations, with hammers ranging from 2,700 ft. lbs. to 120,000 ft. lbs. of energy.  

We are a certified installer of the AB Chance Helical Pier Piling System for Atlantic Canada Other services include:

  • H Pile
  • SSP
  • Pipe Piling
  • Timber Piling
  • Combi-walls
  • Coffer Dams 
  • Retaining Walls
  • Soldier Piling
  • Timber Lagging

Irving Equipment also offers a customized h-pile or pipe pile rig for low overhead sites, such as basements, requiring at least 8 feet of headroom.

Engineering and Crane CAD


Our talented team of in-house engineers and lift planners sets the standard in providing efficient, practical solutions for even the most complex moving and lifting plan. As a customer of Irving Equipment, you gain direct access to our engineering staff, who will work collaboratively with you to help you achieve your project goals.  

Our award-winning lift-planning software CraneCAD was developed in-house in 1987 and constantly refined ever since. Our engineers can create a three-dimensional model of your project site to accurately determine the type of crane and the precise lift configuration required for each lift. When more than one lifting solution is possible, our engineers can quickly explore the options and identify the solution that is most suitable.  

You save money, time, and aggravation.



We are your first choice for availability and reliability

Your project's success depends on your ability to access the right heavy equipment in excellent working order at the precise time that you need it. At Irving Equipment, we pride ourselves in achieving a 91% equipment availability rate. We are committed to conducting the highest quality inspection and maintenance on our equipment before, during and after every job.

Investing in our maintenance and reliability program is one of the key ways Irving Equipment Leaves No Room For Doubt

  1. Modern facility with large team of maintenance professionals
  2. Factory trained by OEMs of all major equipment brands
  3. Diagnostic capabilities
  4. Mobile field maintenance teams for remote 24/7 coverage
  5. Comprehensive asset reliability program leverage data analytics
Specialized Transport


Safe, flexible, and efficient.

For specialized transportation, including hauling over-dimensional loads, you will benefit from Irving Equipment's proven expertise and depth of resources. We will plan and manage the entire operation from factory to foundation, including selection of equipment, loading, securing and unloading.

Our hardworking fleet of multi-axle transport modules is capable of shipping loads as large as 1,600 tons. If road clearances are tight and your worksite is congested or difficult to maneuver in, that is not a problem. Our custom transportation logistics software will plot a precise driving route from pickup to delivery, ensuring your important cargo arrives on time and on budget.

Project Rentals: equipment

Project Rentals

Irving Equipment has a unique and extensive inventory of project rental equipment that can make your next project a success.

We take pride in our equipment and all our rental equipment is always fully serviced before leaving our warehouse, which means when you are ready to work so is the equipment.

Please refer to the Project Rentals section of this website to get a complete list of all our project rentals inventory.