Crane 1950's
Crane 1970's
Cranes 1980's


1957 – Irving Equipment Limited is established in Saint John

1972 – Our biggest crane was a 140T truck crane. A 300T crane was purchased for a large local project in the Saint John region.

Late 1970’s-1980’s – We hired our first engineer to help eliminate risk on the job in regard to the capabilities of the cranes. We also began training our operators through a formal in-house training program.

Early 80’s – We started to open up the Moncton Branch.
1987 – CraneCAD was created and we purchased our first all-terrain crane.
1998 – With a large local project underway, we diversified the business and began pile driving.

2001 – We received our first ISO 9001.
2004 – We received our first ISO 14001.
2007 – We had our first customer in wind energy in Nova Scotia.
2009 – Started using crawler cranes for wind projects.
2017 – Started Projects Rentals branch.
2019 – Safety Award from American Crane & Rigging.
2023Safety Award from the Canadian Crane Rental Association