One of the biggest benefits of working with Irving Equipment is you gain access to an exceptional workforce, experienced operators, and our talented team of in-house engineers. Our employees set the standard for solving complex problems efficiently and affordably. Whatever your needs, they'll get the job done.

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Leaving no room for doubt speaks to a team of people with an innate desire to validate data, double check details, and think beyond the obvious – even to the point of demonstrating how a solution works before we ever go onsite.

Whether it is safety, leveraging analytics to ensure equipment uptime, verifying a solution will work as planned, or going the extra mile to help a customer – we leave nothing to chance.

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Irving Equipment’s extensive crane fleet gives customers increased flexibility when it comes to finding the most effective solution for the job. But what happens when a crane just isn’t enough? Innovative solutions, our team of expertise can offer a more efficient, versatile, and cost-effective solution to any problem. This may include specialty rigging such as our cantilevered lifting beam, hydraulic skidding services, or specialized transport with our self-propelled modular transporters. Or maybe even something completely new! Either way, we will not let equipment limit what we can do for our customers.

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Order takers are people who respond to a customer’s needs when asked and respond exactly as stated, but they do nothing more.

At Irving Equipment we understand that we are the experts when it comes to heavy lifts and that our customers rely on us to be able to take the information they give us and perform a lift that is going to work and be completed safely.

How do we ensure we do not become order-takers? We ask questions which then allow us to confidently offer a recommendation based on our expertise and knowledge.

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Proving a lift solution works should not happen on the jobsite.

At Irving Equipment no heavy lift or transport solution ever gets the green light until every load and space tolerance have been meticulously checked, confirmed, and shown to work using our CraneCAD™ software.

When one unnecessary on-site mistake can cost you more than a headache, - there is no room for doubt.

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Over the years the shift to digital solutions has increased the digital data that is produced. As a result, the way we define, create and measure value has changed. So how can we take that data and use it to make smarter decisions?

At Irving Equipment, we are always analyzing and measuring the data we are creating to help serve our customers better and to help run a more efficient company. For example, we are continuously receiving data from our equipment, such has fuel mileage, cost of idling, driving behavior and speed driving. When we analyze this data, we can determine where we can make improvements that benefit not only us but our customers by keeping our costs low.

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Leaving no room for doubt when it comes to safety requires 360 degrees of engagement and total alignment from a company, management, and frontline perspective. We believe advocating and supporting the highest industry standards for safety is only half of the equation.
What separates Irving Equipment is each teammate’s commitment to consistently doing the right things to protect the people around them, and themselves.

In addition to industry-leading safety training, ongoing team safety sessions, management and peer safety appraisals, equipment checks and preventative maintenance, we also live by 3 safety tenets to safeguard each other and our customers:

  • We refuse to make excuses
  • We have the courage to speak up
  • We continuously talk about risks at work
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Turning complex into simple has been an integral part of our DNA for years, from our engineering design team to an operator’s execution. It has served as the driving force behind the development of CraneCAD™, a proprietary lift planning software that adapts to all types of equipment, and seamlessly integrates any traditional CAD file.

Taking a ‘solution first’ approach pushes us to look at a challenge from different angles, rather than allow the ‘equipment on hand’ to limit a customer’s ability to save time or money.

We believe the best options are not always obvious and require people who are willing to go the extra mile to make a solution simple to understand and execute.

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A leader is a person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal.

At Irving Equipment Limited we want everyone to think like a leader, whether it is when they are looking at a jobsite, finding a solution for a specific task or preforming the work. We believe everyone should be able to take initiative, make decisions and lead others by having the skills, confidence, and empowerment to do so.